“Adam Handling shows off some serious skill at his new Brick Lane restaurant”

The Evening Standard


“There is one very obvious thing that you shouldn’t leave without trying, and that’s the bread with chicken butter. Chicken butter is everything we ever dreamed of.”

Hot Dinners

“Don’t be fooled: The cooking is more serious than in many fancy restaurants, with a focus on flavour and an appreciation of aesthetics. Simply put, the food looks and tastes great. It’s modern Michelin-level food, only the stars are in the kitchen not on the wall.”



“If Adam Handling at Caxton was Heart of Darkness, The Frog is Apocalypse Now.”


“But you won’t find this level of cooking, at these prices, anywhere in Britain. High-end cooking, in low-fi surroundings. Handling has talent to burn. Catch this Frog, before it turns, inevitably, into a prince.”

Mail Online


“And yes it did get even better once more. This time with a plate of the most unusual mac ‘n’ cheese – which is now referred to as the best mac ‘n’ cheese I have ever eaten.”

The Foodaholic